Social Networks

Informative clause on the use of social networks in which content and information is published.

Tigaiga, S.A. uses or can use social networks as a communication channel through which it promotes products, events, news, alerts, etc. in a simple and effective way, promoting its brand(s), optimising communication and encouraging the participation of customers, users, consumers, etc.
Tigaiga, S.A. avoids at all times the publication of contents in which there is a treatment of personal data, limiting itself only to an informative or commercial purpose.

Users are informed of the policy regarding the treatment and protection of personal data of those who voluntarily access and use Tigaiga, S.A. official website(s) on social networks:
The user's access to and use of this Tigaiga, S.A. official website(s) assumes that it expressly accepts the privacy policy of each of the social networks to which it may have access and that it gives its consent for the processing of its personal data as provided for therein.
The user is free to use Tigaiga, S.A. official website(s) in social networks, being subject to the legal notices and/or conditions of use of each social network.
Through this/these Tigaiga, S.A. official website(s), the user may share texts, photos, videos and other information and/or content that are subject to the Rules and Conditions of the Platform. The user will be responsible for ensuring that all content published by him/her complies with current legislation and the Platform's Rules.
Tigaiga, S.A. official website(s) on social networks may include opinions, recommendations or statements from third parties, which do not necessarily reflect Tigaiga, S.A. views do not indicate their commitment to a particular line of action.
Tigaiga, S.A. is not responsible for the actions of users, who assume all the responsibilities that may arise:
If any information that has not been published or shared by Tigaiga, S.A. is posted on the social network, or if applicable, published by a third party.
If the social network is not operational for technical reasons attributable to the owner of the platform itself, third parties or unforeseeable causes or force majeure, these circumstances being the responsibility of the social network, or where appropriate the third party.
If the social network modifies any of its legal notices and/or conditions of use.

Tigaiga, S.A. shall have the right to remove from the official page(s) - unilaterally and without prior communication or authorization from the user - any content published by the user when the user infringes or violates current legislation, the rules established in current legislation and the Platform Rules.

For more detailed information on Data Protection, please see CLICK HERE.